21 Day Self Care Challenge with Virtual Coffee with Life Coach Sanika

Announcing the 21 Day Self Care Challenge

A few months ago, I did the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge on my Instagram and loved the experience. Starting mid-August, I’ll be sharing my 21 Day Self Care Challenge with you.

It takes 3 things to be a part of this challenge.

First: Intention

What is your intention for taking on this challenge? For me, this is an expression of self-love. Finding 10–20 minutes intentionally in my day to take care of my well-being. And loving myself on-purpose.

Second: Commitment

We may have the best of intentions, and nothing really happens without getting intentional about our commitment. Notice the distinction between “default commitment” and “intentional commitment”.

Coach Tip: Take an example of eating habits. You default commitment is to grab a cookie after every meal. Your intentional commitment would be to grab a fruit every time you have an urge to grab a cookie. See the difference?

My intentional commitment is 3-fold:

  1. Sharing the challenge activity of the day on my Facebook live (at the start of the day)
  2. Practicing the activity of the day in my own life (during the day)
  3. Journaling my experience with the activity on this blog (at the end of the day)

Third: Accountability

We may have the intention, commitment and still not get anywhere without an accountability structure. Wait, what is an accountability structure you ask?

Consider that there is something that will come in your way of accomplishing your challenge. It could be urgent work meetings, phone call from a friend, feeling bored, feeling that you did good for 3 days so it’s okay to skip a few days (oh, how many times have I done this in my life in regards to my gym), blah blah you get the drift.

This is where an accountability structure comes handy. Some examples are blocking time off your calendar, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, getting an accountability partner to do this challenge with, [insert your own ways to keep yourself accountability]. As a coach, I trust that you know yourself best and will come up with this.

My accountability structure is my Facebook group. I have people join in my Facebook lives and comment on the posts and that energy keeps me going. The success of my 21 Day Gratitude Challenge is added motivation for this one.

Coach Tip: Journal your own journey on this challenge. Do this at the same time daily. This way your mind and body expect this to be happening and is in the “flow”. I have found this to be a good accountability structure.

I invite you to join my Facebook group. It’s a space for positivity, connection and heart based community.


So how did I come up with the 21 Day Self Care Challenge?

Well, first of all, I had been thinking about the next challenge even as I was in the process of the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. Plus, someone suggested I do a self-love challenge.

What helped the shift is my recent conversation with my friend and mentor coach on my outlook towards self-care. I considered self-care to be this BIG thing that looks perfect every day of my life. And that was overwhelming. So I broke it down to self-care is the little things I do consistently that remind me of self-love and makes it an enjoyable process. It’s about progress, not perfection :)



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Virtual Coffee with Life Coach Sanika

Virtual Coffee with Life Coach Sanika


I am a life coach and ayurveda wellness counselor sharing stories on transformation and healing for a happy life :)